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Complete booking · luxury blissful beverage inclusion course 10000 yen

Complete booking · luxury blissful beverage inclusion course 10000 yen

By using a coupon10000 yen

Cooking only 8500 yen

  • 11items
  • 246persons
All-you-can-drink available

Drinks From 40 different types of shochu, 20 kinds of plum wine, etc, please.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 22:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

※ Course changes after reservation may not be accepted.Honoka gives lots of luxury cuisines ....Please enjoy your luxurious drinking seats slowly, including entertainment, family dinner party, special anniversary, rewards for yourself.

Course menu

■ 【Append】 Today's small bowl

■ 【sashimi】 鮪 Toro, sashimi with abalone mixed

~ Deep flavor that can not be stopped once eating ~

■ 【Salad】 Salad with bacon and sprout shrimp

~ Bacon and shining bean sprouts are the best match! ~

■ 【Appetizer】 Appetizer platter

~ We will prepare recommended appetizers that Japanese and Italian fuse ~

■ 【Fried】 Deep-fried Oeko

~ Elegant and elegant taste of white body ~

■ 【Steam】 Shark's fin

~ Lumpy shochu fin and fluffy egg luxurious egg custard ~

■ 【Baked Goods】 Gratin of Omaru shrimp

~ It finished deliciously with white sauce ~

■ 【Meat dish】 Kuroge Wagyu beef steak with foie gras

~ Super delicate marbling flesh and duet with foie gras ~

■ 【rice】 handful sushi

~ A handfuled sushi with beautiful colors ~

■ [Soup] Ushio juice of red snapper

~ A lot of taste of the sea bream ... Taste spreading through the body ~

■ [Sweet taste] Matcha cheese cake

(You can also order for anniversaries and birthdays)

* We will prepare luxurious ingredients.

※ There is a thing that is slightly contents vary depending on such purchase.

We will respond to your request for details etc. Please do not hesitate to tell us


Although it is a precaution for booking,

Because we are doing purchasing according to the reservation date,

In order not to cancel your reservation,

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.We look forward to welcoming everyone.

All-you-can-drink menu

- Draft beer / bottled beer
·plum wine
· Oshuku plum / Riemon's plum wine / green tea plum wine / honey plum wine / Darjeeling plum wine / star building plum wine / perfectly clear plum wine / perfectly clear wine / Pretty plum / white jade plum wine + (at 4500 yen or more of course) ginger plum wine / brown sugar plum wine / Karp plum wine / Yuzu plum wine
Jin (tonic, back, Ricky) / vodka (tonic screw driver Moscow Mule Bulldog) / cassis (Orange Grape Oolong Soda vias) / Campari (Orange Grape soda) / editor (Orange grape) / Karuamirua / Red eye / Shandigafu / plum wine via / Fuzzy Navel / Peach oolong
- Potato ... black Nishiki Isa / Satsuma Baoshan / black Kirishima / Satsuma whitecaps / Kobiki / Obi cedar and wheat ... middle. / Kano or / Nikaido, the US ... Shiratake-shiso ... Tantaka Tan, carrots ... Chin-wasabi ... Tsunto green tea ... heaven Yoshiroku-black bean ... era built eight-glutinous rice ... mountain village, buckwheat ... double cherry-potato ... Jagatara your spring and sesame ... red maiden kelp ... golden tan, brown sugar ... Ren and-awamori ... Zanpa / Kumesen of
· Kameyowai / Black Dragon / Yue 乃景 tiger / Masumi / Hanahato turbidity / dry one cup + (in the case of 4500 yen or more of course) Kubota / after rain month / mack daddy / TateNogawa / Asahiotori / Kinodo
- Red wine / white wine
Lemon / lime / grapefruit / Calpis / plum / Citron / blueberry / mandarin orange / tomato
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea / orange juice / grapefruit juice / cola / ginger ale / Bratt orange juice / guava juice

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