Complete booking · luxury blissful beverage inclusion course 10000 yen

10000 yen

Cooking only 8500 yen

※ course change after the reservation might be unable to accept.Honoka gives lots of luxury cuisines ....Please enjoy the luxurious drinking seats slowly, including entertainment, family dinner party, special anniversary, rewards for yourself.

■ 【Append】 Today's small bowl

■ 【Sashimi】 鮪 Toro, Assorted Sashimi with Abalone
~ Deep flavor that can not be stopped once eating ~

■ salad autumn salmon and mushroom salad
~ It is a body-friendly salad ~

■ 【Appetizer】 Appetizer platter
~ We will prepare recommended appetizers with Japanese and Italian blended ~

■ 【Fried】 Deep-fried Oeko
~ The elegant taste with white and moisture ~

■ 【Steam】 Shark's fin
~ Lumpy chawu-toilet and fluffy egg of lush egg custard ~

■ 【Baked Goods】 Gratin of Omaru shrimp
~ It finished deliciously with white sauce ~

■ 【Meat dish】 Kuroge Wagyu beef steak with foie gras
~ Super delicate marbling flesh and duet with foie gras ~
■ 【rice】 handful sushi
~ A handfuled sushi with beautiful colors ~

■ 【soup stock】 Oshio juice of red snapper
Taste - the taste of sea bream is Shimiwataru to plenty of ... body

■ [Sweet taste] Matcha cheesecake
(You can also order for anniversaries and birthdays)
* We will prepare luxurious ingredients.
※ There is a thing that is slightly contents vary depending on such purchase.
We will respond to your request for details etc. Please do not hesitate to tell us