Fulfilled Course of Shimotsuki course with all you can drink 4,500 yen (9 dishes and 120 drinks)

4500 yen

Cooking only 3000 yen

A number of Japanese creative works using ingredients that seasons ... Course dishes enjoyed by Shigaraki Yaki's instrument The contents change every month and you can enjoy a rich course using seasonal ingredients.Please use it for various banquets such as company banquet.


Also sticking to the vessel, all to be served in individual prime.

■ with earlier Tsukedashi

Full ♪ ~ along with today's Athens -

■ Sashimi sashimi three varieties

~ Recommended fresh fish purchased today is served at three points

■ Salad Duck and Caesar's Caesar Salad

~ Excellent compatibility of smoked duck and Chinese cabbage ~

■ Appetizer raw ham and salmon raw spring spring jacko first volume

~ A stewed jaco surprisingly ~

■ Fried shrimp and wrapping fried sashimi

~ Please enjoy the texture ~

■ Saute of fish seafood XO sauce sauce

~ With rich XO sauce ~

■ Meat Sakurajima chicken's west cooking

~ Mix juicy thigh with Miso ~

■ Mixed rice with rice chestnut and tree child

~ Mixing the taste of autumn to rice ~

Sweet sesame with mousse ice

~ Popular dessert.Towards the anniversary or birthday You can also change platter of homemade desserts -

※ There is a thing that is slightly contents vary depending on such purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if there is a request to the contents of the course ※.

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  • Fulfilled Course of Shimotsuki course with all you can drink 4500 yen
    (9 dishes and 120 drinks)

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      Until the end of December 2017