Shimotsuki's luxury course with all you can drink 5000 yen (9 dishes and 120 drinks)

5000 Yen

Cooking only 3500 yen

※ course change after the reservation might be unable to accept.Numerous luxury sum creations can be felt the season ....Course contents instead of every month, you can enjoy a colorful course using the ingredients of each season.Banquet and entertainment, on the anniversary or birthday ... please with complete private room of the moat your stand.


Also sticking to the vessel, all to be served in individual prime.

■ with earlier Tsukedashi

Full ♪ ~ along with today's Athens -

■ Sashimi 4 kinds of sashimi

~ Recommended fresh fish purchased today is served at 4 points

■ Salad Duck and Caesar's Caesar Salad

~ Excellent compatibility of smoked duck and Chinese cabbage ~

■ Appetizer Appetizer Three Types

~ Assorted rich colors ~

■ Two types of fried oysters and kelan pigs

~ Fancy two kinds fried ~

■ Saute of fish seafood XO sauce sauce

~ With rich XO sauce ~

Simmered meat beef and vegetables

~ Please enjoy the taste of vegetables and beef

■ Okonomi and Ikura's Oyako Don bowl

~ Ocean's parent and child rice ~

Tide juice ■ soup red snapper

~ A lot of taste of the sea bream ... Taste spreading through the body ~

Sweet sesame with mousse ice

~ Popular dessert.Towards the anniversary or birthday You can also change platter of homemade desserts -

※ There is a thing that is slightly contents vary depending on such purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if there is a request to the contents of the course ※.

Coupon that can be used

  • Shimotsuki's luxury course with all you can drink 5000 yen
    (9 dishes and 120 drinks)

    • Presentation conditions
      0 pay 2.5
    • Conditions of use

      1 pair / 1 ticket / can not be used together with other tickets / reservation required before 1 day

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of December 2017