Special selection course of the long month All-you-can-drink 6000 yen (11 dishes and 120 drinks)

Special selection course of the long month All-you-can-drink 6000 yen (11 dishes and 120 drinks)
6000 yen

Cooking only 4500 yen

※ course change after the reservation might be unable to accept.Japanese creative cuisine that sticks to quality and looks with luxurious ingredients will color the table ....The dish one dish sprinkled over is tasteful and gentle taste.For entertainment and various banquets, anniversary and luxurious dinner party.

Also sticking to the vessel, all to be served in individual prime.

■ with earlier Tsukedashi
Full ♪ ~ along with today's Athens -

■ Sashimi 4 kinds of sashimi
~ Recommended fresh fish purchased today is served at 4 points

■ salad autumn salmon and mushroom salad
~ It is a body-friendly salad ~

■ Appetizer Appetizers Three
~ It is the three goods which are perfect for hot weather payment ~

■ Deep-fried with fried lotus root and mentaiko
~ Please enjoy the texture ~

■ Steamed Shark's Fin
~ Lumpy chawu-toilet and fluffy egg of lush egg custard ~

■ Boiled fish seafood and vegetables in cream
~ Melaneness and compatibility of cream is outstanding ~

■ Simmered beef cattle beef red wine
~ Braised large meat thoroughly! Menu of feasting full feeling ~

■ Rice Special Seafood Wrapped Sushi
~ Special color rolled sushi with beautiful seafood colors ~

Tide juice ■ soup red snapper
~ A lot of taste of the sea bream ... Taste spreading through the body ~

■ Sweet green tea cheesecake
~ Popular dessert.Towards the anniversary or birthday You can also change platter of homemade desserts -

※ There is a thing that is slightly contents vary depending on such purchase.
Please feel free to contact us if there is a request to the contents of the course ※.

Coupon that can be used

  • Special selection course of long-term all-you-can-drink 6000 yen
    (11 dishes and 120 drinks)

    • Presentation conditions
      On reservation, at the time of entering the store
    • Conditions of use
      1 pair 1 time 1 piece / other tickets can not be used together / reservation required by the day before
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of September, 2017