Honoka Special Selection Special Course 4500 yen Course [All 11 Items]

4500 yen

Selection of seasonal ingredients carefully, course contents change every month, please enjoy a fulfilling course using seasonal ingredients.All dishes are served on a private basis.


Also sticking to the vessel, all to be served in individual prime.

■ with earlier Tsukedashi

Full ♪ ~ along with today's Athens -

■ Sashimi 4 kinds of sashimi

~ Recommended fresh fish purchased today is served at 4 points

■ salad shrimp and tofu Chinese salad

■ Appetizer Appetizers Three

~ Assorted rich colors ~

■ Deep fried with fried lotus root and scallop

~ Please enjoy the texture ~

■ Steamed Shark's Fin

~ Lumpy shochu fin and fluffy egg luxurious egg custard ~

■ Fish Bri-Ya Restaurant

■ Simmered beef cattle beef red wine

~ Braised big meat thoroughly! Menu of feasting full feeling ~

■ Oyama Special Seafood Wrapped Sushi

~ Special color rolled sushi with beautiful seafood colors ~

Tide juice ■ soup red snapper

~ A lot of taste of the sea bream ... Taste spreading through the body ~

■ Sweet brown sugar mousse

~ Popular dessert.Towards the anniversary or birthday You can also change platter of homemade desserts -

※ There is a thing that is slightly contents vary depending on such purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if there is a request to the contents of the course ※.