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Honoka coloring season 3000 yen course [All 9 items]

Honoka coloring season 3000 yen course [All 9 items]

By using a coupon3000 yen

  • 9items
  • 2-46persons
Reservation deadline
Until 17 o'clock the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Thursday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

Course contents change monthly, please enjoy coloring fulfillment Honoka using ingredients for each season.

Course menu

We are also committed to vessels, we will serve with every single individual.■ Pick out Today's small bowl

~ To accompany sake ♪ ~

■ Sashimi sashimi 3 types of sushi

~ Recommended fresh fish purchased today 3 pcs.

■ salad with Japanese style salad with sashimi and burdock

~ You can enjoy crispy vegetables with soft bamboo shoots ~

■ Appetizer Seafood Students Spring rolls and dobi

~ The umami of seafood spreads in your mouth ~

■ Fried prawn fried prawns

~ Please enjoy fluffy shrimp, crispy skin ~

■ Fish dish sauteed flavor source sauce

~ Seasonal seafoods sauteed with the commitment of flavor source ~

■ Meat dishes Maple pig grain mustard grill

~ The taste of mustard is accent.It baked fragrantly ~

■ Oyaku Jaco Tangeri Rice

~ Mixed rice with plenty of season feeling ~

Sweetness Mango Pudding

~ A popular dessert.For anniversaries and birthdays you can also change the assortment of homemade desserts ~

※ The contents may change somewhat due to purchase etc.

※ If you have any requests on the course content, please do not hesitate to consult us.

2018/11/26 update