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Honoka Special Selection Special Course 4500 yen Course [All 11 Items]

Honoka Special Selection Special Course 4500 yen Course [All 11 Items]

By using a coupon4500 yen

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  • 246persons
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00
Available days for reservation
Monday - Thursday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

Selection of seasonal ingredients carefully, course contents change every month, please enjoy a fulfilling course using seasonal ingredients.All dishes are served on a private basis.

Course menu

Also sticking to the vessel, all to be served in individual prime.■ with earlier Tsukedashi

Full ♪ ~ along with today's Athens -

■ Sashimi 4 kinds of sashimi

~ Recommended fresh fish stocked today for 4 points

■ salad bacon and bean sprout salad

~ Bacon and shining bean sprouts are the best match! ~

■ Appetizer Three kinds of appetizers

~ Please enjoy coloring of appetizers using seasonal ingredients ~

■ Three fried skewers in seasoned fried dish

~ Please enjoy the seasonal ingredients ~

■ Steam Shark's End Chowderhaw Chopsticks

~ Lumpy shochu fin and fluffy egg luxurious egg custard ~

■ Grilled fish autumn salmon with Chang Chang

~ Autumn of the season Bake the salmon thoroughly and enjoy with delicious vegetables ~

Boiled beef stew with red wine

~ Cooked thoroughly and softly taste like melting ~

■ Oyaki Seafood Wrapped Sushi

~ Sushi rolled with beautiful seafood ~

■ Sesame Sea Bream's Uzo Juice

~ A lot of taste of the sea bream ... Taste spreading through the body ~

■ Sweet brown sugar bra merme

~ Popular dessert.Towards the anniversary or birthday You can also change platter of homemade desserts -

※ There is a thing that is slightly contents vary depending on such purchase.Please feel free to contact us if there is a request to the contents of the course ※.


Although it is a precaution for booking,

Because we are doing purchasing according to the reservation date,

In order not to cancel your reservation,

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.We look forward to welcoming everyone.

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